Question by  asunflower (1)

My 5-year old boxer has starting panting, whining, carrying her toys around everywhere and lying on me. Should I be concerned about this?

It all started when my sons left two days ago for a few days with their grandparents.


Answer by  Jo46 (394)

She is probably going through separation anxiety. If your sons play with her a lot, especially with her toys, it's an excellent indicator that she just misses them. Dogs have thoughts and emotions just like us. Put their blankets on your couch, or let her sleep in their room for a night. Their scent alone can be comforting to her.


Answer by  lpisowic (11)

This seems normal; your dog probably misses your sons, especially if she is accustomed to seeing them often. She'll probably return to normal when your sons come back home.


Answer by  InquiringAli (89)

The dog misses the constant attention that it's owners give it. When the kids come back the dog will go back to normal.

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