Question by  ed714 (50)

It is risky to install linux?


Answer by  bfrans (11)

Currently, the most popular linux is Ubuntu which provides an intaller that will allow you to use linux without altering anything having to do with your current installation of windows. If you decide to install linux as a bootable operating system, there are actually less viruses and backdoors as opposed to other more mainstream operating systems.


Answer by  Anonymous

Most Linux distros work 'live', so you don't need to install them. They'll boot and run off the CD/USB drive. You could also install in a virtual environment (such as VirtualBox), which is completely safe as it's isolated from the main operating system


Answer by  Ezequiel (117)

It's not risky to install Linux to your computer it is actually easy. When you install Linux on your computer it gives you options of how you want it installed. I have Linux/Ubuntu installed on my computer. I have 30 GB partitioned on my computer, meaning 30 GB memory is for Linux and 180 or so for window.


Answer by  Sorthum (17)

Installing Linux is no riskier than any other computing task, provided you carefully back up your data first, and pay close attention to the instructions. It helps to find a tutorial before you begin; ideally one that's been vetted for technical correctness and that you understand thoroughly; it's best to clear up questions BEFORE you start!


Answer by  mindwarp (28)

It's not at all risky to install Linux as the developers earn their money in a different way, so that fact this free to you doesn't mean that its not produced by a professional company. As Linux is less popular that main stream operating systems, its less likely to be targeted by hackers.


Answer by  Omegaspectral (26)

It can be risky to install Linux on your computer if you are not sure what you are doing. Also it depends on what distro of linux you are using. The best thing you can do is google around for answers and tutorials on how to install linux in a safe way. also, Ubuntu is very easy to install.

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