Question by  Lmp (16)

Is vomiting a normal side effect of anesthesia?

I was put under general anesthesia, and now am vomiting. It has been two days, and I'd like to know if this is normal.


Answer by  Dogless (159)

Vomiting while being anesthetized is a frequent complication, which is one reason why your doctors want your stomach to be completely empty beforehand. You don't get to eat the night before an operation. But vomiting two days after anesthesia is not due to the anesthesia. Don't trust your health to random internet info! Ask your doctor about this, NOW!


Answer by  Anonymous

When I was younger, I had a surgery and was under anesthesia. The next three days, I could not walk (I had a hernia surgery on my tummy) and I threw up anything I tried to eat. It was not fun. It was because I was sensitive to the anesthesia.


Answer by  ToralDwivedi (606)

Anesthetic drugs induce vomiting. Therefore patient is instructed to take nil by mouth 10 hours before surgery. If anesthetized patient vomits during operation, vomit can enter trachea and kill him.

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