Question by  telciario2 (13)

Is TTL flash improved today with digital photography?

I stopped using it with my 35mm SLR because it ruined so many shots.


Answer by  kalendae (6)

The fundamental improvement of digital over 35mm and other film formats that also very much applies to TTL flash is that you can now immediately see what the effect was. This allows quick experimentation with the flash, and the flash expands your toolset greatly.


Answer by  kailyn (31)

It hasn't necessarily improved quality wise. Digital collects light with a chip rather than reflecting light and capture with film. Try checking your exposure- that could be the problem.


Answer by  keke (335)

Yes it is actaully better because technology has improved they have improved the ttl flash but i still dont think its all that good depending on ow good of a photographer you are.

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