Question by  limabean45806 (52)

Is there such a thing as "no-carb bread?"

I am reading about a weight loss diet that calls for "no-carb bread."


Answer by  MPL925 (17)

Bread has carbohydrates. There may be something called "no-carb bread" but it wouldn't really be bread, because bread is a food made of grains that have carbohydrates. If you need something in a recipe that takes the place of bread there are alternatives with no little or no carbohydrates, but there is no such thing as "no carb bread".


Answer by  foo2525 (257)

No not really because wheat contains carbs. If the bread does not have any gluten, then it might have less carbs, but no carb is impossible.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

I am a trianed chef and I have never heard of a no carb bread, I have heard of gluten free bread as there are some people who can not eat gluten, if yo are watching your carbs, then I would suggest watching your bread intake as well as all carbs.


Answer by  jamie11 (604)

I am on a no carb diet and there is a no carb bread. You can buy no carborates bread from Braums store I know for sure and it is label no carb. Also I am sure there are grocery stores that also carry it. I believe Pepperidge Farm brand also carries one that is no-carb.

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