Question by  amandathehunter (24)

Is there such a thing as a totally white peacock?

My friend said she read about them, but I've never seen one.


Answer by  shellbird79 (48)

Yes,white peacocks do exist. Generally, they are bred specifically to be white, and they are quite spectacular. When mixing white and blue peacocks, you will get a hybrid variation that shows both traits. White peacocks are a color variation of the blue peacock, and are not albino.


Answer by  valeriobenschop (43)

Yes there is absolutely a white peacock.People call it an albino beacouse of it's obvious colour. This colour is realy unieq and rarely sean but they do exist.There are anough pictures on the internet of these peacocks and some also give a detaild description.Some people say that the white colour is not fully white but a variety of colours

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