Question by  Heydon (18)

Is there such a thing as white hair dye?

I don't mean blonde or gray but really white.


Answer by  sydney20 (31)

No, white is the lack of color. Therefore in order to get white hair one must wait for age to strip the color from their hair or bleach can be used. Bleach strips the color from hair and if used enough can remove all color and leave just the base color of the hair which is transparent or white.


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

White is the color of hair with all the color removed. If you can get all the color out of your hair with peroxide, it will be white.


Answer by  jlwilson6 (1098)

Well, the white hair is obtained by using the same method one uses to bleach their hair blonde. It is just left on for a longer amount of time. It is called "going platinum". I would have to recommend that you have a hairstylist assist you with this though, as you could damage your hair.


Answer by  ks (99)

Manic Panic (Virgin Snow) is an excellent white hair dye. Also, Al Riche and LoReal are good white hair dyes. To achieve and maintain white hair you will need to bleach your hair as light as possible. Apply color and then maintain the color with a purple shampoo and conditioner.

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