Question by  smooth (37)

Is there such a thing as a residential property management online course?

I would like to take this course online if it is offered anywhere.


Answer by  BlueSlug (47)

There are several providers of online property management coursework, and the fees they charge are usually based on whether you choose an entirely self-directed approach, or a hybrid approach where some work is facilitated by an online instructor, who would be available to structure lessons and answer your questions as they arise.


Answer by  Kevin45 (17)

Yes, online property management courses do exist. For example, Kaplan Professional Schools currently offers a Residential Property Management course. Also, try contacting the National Apartment Association for a listing of current online courses.


Answer by  turboguy (19)

Absolutely. There are many accredited online colleges and universities that offer property management courses. With a little research, you should have no problem finding one that can offer you financial aid if you need it, and the exact degree looking for.


Answer by  Cheryl51 (6)

Yes, Drexel University offers courses online for property management. You can take courses and obtain either a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree in property management.


Answer by  ravot (21)

I would take the course if it were state specific. The course would have to be state specific because of the land lord tenant laws, eviction process, etcetera vary state to state. It should include leases covering month to month yearly, advertising of the property and more.


Answer by  Kris22 (90)

One can find online course on residential property management but not through universities or schools. Beware of scams from unknown or unconfirmable sites.

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