Question by  electricguy (62)

Is there still an Aryan Brotherhood?

Don't people get educated better than that nowadays?


Answer by  Boonman1000 (16)

The organization, while technically still in existence, is fragmented due to numerous raids. The gang usually recruits from prisons, so it is not as if the members were well educated to begin with.


Answer by  123barbo (60)

Yes, there is still an Aryan Brotherhood. The majority of the members involved in the hate group operate out of prisons.


Answer by  KWDave (137)

Most supremacist groups find their new members among the disaffected, under-educated, under-employed ranks of people who feel that they have been abandoned by the system. They seek to change systems.


Answer by  Brian94588 (304)

Yes, it still exists and has some 15,000 members in the United States. Most of its members are current or former inmates, and inmates in general are not well educated.

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