Question by  BigGuy15 (20)

Is there really a Presidents book of secrets?


Answer by  silli586 (1103)

Nobody knows for sure if there is really a President's book of Secrets, other than the Presidents and the Fed. But the chances of this are pretty slim since it would be a risky thing to have. This has been a rumor going around for quite a while- most likely not true.


Answer by  Jlitting (55)

Since the time of Taft there have been rumors going around that each President keeps a list of special information that only the next President needs to know. In Nixon's time this so called book of secrets was said to contain the wear-abouts of his tapes. It's never been found.


Answer by  daveandrews (383)

It seems very unlikely that there is a presidents book of secrets as seen in National Treasure mainly because it is difficult for the president to ever be alone for long enough to write in it and has so many aides that nobody would have kept the secret this long.


Answer by  xsut (943)

This has been an ongoing myth that their is a presidents book of secrets. Their has not been any proff that this actual book exists although many still claim that it does.


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes! the dome of the u.S. capitol features a significant painting called "the apotheosis" it reveals george washinfton pointing to an open book with a blank page. this is " the book of secrets."


Answer by  brett29 (467)

It is just a conspiracy. The president and the united states of America is under constant surveillance it would be almost impossible for anyone to hide anything in America from the public.

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