Question by  Joe1010us (239)

Is the President's book real?

I have heard that it is real and that it is not real.


Answer by  JerseyGirl45 (20)

The idea of a President's Book is very entertaining and makes for a great concept for the National Treasure movie, but the likelihood of its existence is very slim.


Answer by  bigdog22 (308)

No, it is highly unlikely that it is real. A lot of hype a bout the book was stirred up by the Disney company prior to the release of their National Treasure 2 movie. This included the creation of a website that looked like a scholarly argument for the books existence.


Answer by  Anonymous

i think that it could be real it does make sense for the President or previous President to pass on knowledge or notes for later Presidents


Answer by  legolasgirl4321 (37)

The only people who know the answer to this question are probably never going to tell. The idea of the President's Book is generally considered to be a conspiracy theory.


Answer by  Larry (104)

Like many memoirs, the book refers to real characters by false names, real characters by their real names, and characters that are the composite of many real characters.

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