Question by  monkeymwaah (31)

Is there any way to find a phone owner?

I found a phone and would like to get it back to the owner.


Answer by  Skarlath (20)

To Find the owner, look in the contacts and see if there is any label such as Home, or for a blood relative like Dad, Mom, or a sibling.


Answer by  adz01 (13)

contact a number from the phone you found and tell the person that you have found this phone and ask them whos number it could be maybe they could tell you who it belongs to.


Answer by  MThorpe (46)

Look in the recent calls, choose the phone number that the person calls most,call that number, and expalin you found the phone, and want to return it to the owner,


Answer by  davidsmith4deltaedu (338)

If the phone still has a charge left to it, and you can turn it on you can do the following. Look through the contacts, and make a call to "Home, Mom, Dad, Wife ect", this will help you locate the owner.

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