Question by  Tabsy (11)

Is there any way to dye acrylic yarn myself?

I inherited a lot of very boring and plain yarn, and I was wondering if any type of dye would work on this yarn so I can make it more fun to knit with.


Answer by  Megan88 (27)

You can dye acrylic yarn yourself and it's pretty easy to do. Go to the grocery store and buy a box of Rit dye. Read the instructions on the back of the box and it will tell you exactly what you need to do. I would recommend using extra vinegar.

posted by Anonymous
Rit doesn't work on Acrylic. It clearly states that on the Rit website. I'm in the same predicament...yucky colored acrylic!  add a comment

Answer by  MelisaMarie (111)

Walmart sells dye called "RIT". It can be found in the isle near the laundry soap and it comes in many colors! This dye is PERFECT for dying acrylic yarn.Sometimes it takes quite a bit of soaking to get it to set in, and then rinse it well, let it dry, re-soak in dye and rinse/dry again.

posted by Anonymous
NOT PERFECT for acrylic can't use Rit on acrylic fabric. It states that on the Rit website.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

Rit won't work on acrylic. Period. I think it's the only fiber that won't dye with the stuff.

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