Question by  Chris25 (17)

Is there an Olympic rollerblading USA team?

I am not even sure if rollerblading is a sport in the Olympics.


Answer by  garymarkle (599)

Yes there is an olympic rollerblading team for the usa, they are sponsored by companies such as, cool aid, Lunds, Grizzly, Camel, and Coors. In my opinion kind of an odd sport to be in the olympics, however I respect their dedication in representing the usa


Answer by  alz (2329)

No, rollerblading is not a sport in the Olympics, both the winter and the summer. The closest things would probably be speed skating, which is done on ice with ice skates, not rollerblades. They also have ice hockey, but no roller hockey. They also have figure skating, again a sport done on ice.


Answer by  jaimesgirl (1055)

Unfortunately, no, there is no Olympic rollerblading team at this time. Perhaps you should consider getting a group of friends together and spreading information or petitioning the Olympic committee to include the sport.

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