Question by  emdee (17)

What is the value of 1994 USA basketball team cards ?

I have a complete collection of 1994 USA basketball team cards.


Answer by  SteveO (147)

I'm afraid to tell you that they are not worth much. Cards from the 90's were vastly overproduced, printing runs went through the roof. And considering it was not the original Dream Team, the star power is not as high. They are somewhat common, so you are looking at a $5-$10 set. I would just enjoy them!


Answer by  Amethys (20)

Certainly many people would like to have these cards. I think their value is very high.At least $ 1,000 from my point of view.


Answer by  winnieslo (132)

As with aqll collectables the value is largely based on condition. Individual cards generally are valued at $5 to $10 a piece.

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