Question by  roberta (45)

Is there a website where I can go and print out piano chords?

I am trying to teach myself to play.


Answer by  JennW (342)

has a good visual guide, with large graphics and an easy-to-see format. Search for Beginners-Piano-Chord-Guide. You can find a smaller more compact format at search under lessons/beginner/chords.


Answer by  ladybird (96)

Yes, you can find various sets of sheet music for popular and traditional songs at Music Notes, Free Sheet Music, and Piano World. Google those names and you should be able to find the sites. If you cannot read sheet music, you can learn how at Music Masterworks. I highly recommend you learn how before trying to play.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Use a search engine and type in "piano chords." There are many websites that can help you learn all kinds of things about playing piano. You should also look for websites that teach music theory since theory can help you to figure out chords on your own. Finally, video websites often have teachers demonstrating techniques on piano which is helpful.


Answer by  RLDubourg (44)

If you go to google and click images, then type in "piano chords", you will find useful charts that display the finger positions for basic (and more complex) piano chords.

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