Question by  jerusha (4)

Where can I find piano sheet music for "Only Hope?"

I've checked local stores; nobody has it.


Answer by  NotsocrazyCatlady (25)

It's possible to find sheet music online. Just doing a Google search for ''Only Hope' piano sheet music' produced six hundred ninety-six thousand results. Even doing an image search through Google produced one million forty-seven thousand images of sheet music. It really is just as simple as that, although for an image search, finding 'only hope' may be difficult


Answer by  RockConcertLightningBomb (4)

looking through most competitive musician web sights will bring you different variations of the song. The song is soft and unique in its form. However, it is not linked to only one album. As a musician that can read sheet music you will be able to sound out the chords and rhythm easily.

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