Question by  samvarghese (10)

Is there a way of weaning yourself off of Concerta?

I would like to stop taking Concerta. I've heard I can't just stop taking it.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

NO genereally you cant stop these things. if you are ready to come off of it speak to your doctor he will start you on a regimen to wean you.


Answer by  Ken99 (281)

First off you should consult your doctor before stopping any medication. Concerta is a stimulant so even weaning yourself off slowly can cause fatigue, depression, and mood swings. So before attempting try to arrange things in your life to help in minnimizing these effects. For example if it is finals it probably wouldn't be a good idea to start.


Answer by  KadenSky (6)

Go to a nutrition store and buy: 1. L-Tyrosine - Helps restore depleted dopamine because of Concerta - Will help with the withdrawal symptoms from stopping


Answer by  tk7544 (149)

If you have been taking a low dose of Concerta, you can just quit. For higher doses, slowly decrease your strength. Doctor may also prescribe another medication in its place.

posted by Anonymous
My son is 15 and stopped taking the lowest dose or 18. He had severe head aches and abnormal outburst of anger and crying. You must see the doctor. After 4 days of feeling like this I gave him the pill back and the side affects stopped immediatly.  add a comment

Answer by  Fleetwood (56)

You can wean yourself off of Concerta, but it depends on the current dose and frequency you are taking currently. Check with your doctor for a tapering regiment.

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