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Question by  worker6721 (49)

Is there a sickness that leads to Male genital mutilation?

Some one tole me there was such a thing as Male genital mutilation disease.


Answer by  ms2009 (14)

There is such a thing as major self mutilation which comes in three types - ocular, genital, and limbs. Experts attribute MSM to psychosis - usually schizophrenia. Mutilation of this type is usually removal of the appendage. Mutilation of this magnitude is very rare, and so a bit difficult to study. Minor self mutilation is more common.


Answer by  Yazuser (52)

There are some mental disorders that will, indeed, make people prone to mutilate parts of their body, including their genitalia.


Answer by  ashleydoll (93)

That's not the name of an actual disease, but certain sexually transmitted diseases or infections can change the appearance of the male genitalia. If you think you or your partner may have any kind of genital infection, you should ask a doctor immediately.


Answer by  eyesfan (111)

No only mental illness. Similar to that of a female cutter who does herself damage. Many refer to male genital mutilation as circumcision. People who do not believe in it.

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