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Question by  yehiel (30)

Is there a physical description of Jesus in the Bible?

How do artists know what to draw?


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

There are descriptions of Jesus in the spirit as in Matthew 17:2 and Revelation 1:1-16. Artists may be using their own imaginations.


Answer by  hezmc (27)

There are descriptions of His appearance during specific events. An image like brown hair, brown eyes doesn't exist. Artist's can look at Jesus' family and culture to decide.


Answer by  Jakey98 (222)

There is no physical description of Jesus in the Bible. Artists have always made it up, and there is substantial disagreement between artists. If you look at old paintings, Jesus' appearance has changed drastically.


Answer by  shaji (38)

The fact is, we don't know what Jesus looked like, because the first depictions of Him weren't done until hundreds of years later.


Answer by  DANAPUTHRU (12)

No,there is no physical description of jesus in the Bible. There have only his spirictual life history. And many many surprising movements are there for knowing and suffering his lovefull,painfull and devinfull life.

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