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Question by  Dizzy (78)

How can I tell if my dog is in heat?


Answer by  mpelle (343)

The way you can tell that your dog is in heat is when you can see blood being spotted that is coming from your dog. It's almost like a female menstrual cycle. This is the time when your dog can become pregnant, the scent of the blood attracts male dogs to mount the female dog.


Answer by  weirdchan (13)

First her vulva will swell up, this will be pretty noticeable. If you miss that, a couple days later it will begin bleeding & she may lick herself more frequently.


Answer by  Tigger2 (1)

I have a Catahoula, born on 9/18/08. She's been acting kinda punky, not very playful w/our other Aussie pup, just wants to lay around. Could she be old enough to be coming into heat? What age? Is this a common sign?

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