Question by  Advisor (1032)

Is there a good book about Dorothy Dandridge?


Answer by  SES (26)

Yes, there is a book called "Everything and Nothing: The Dorothy Dandridge Tragedy" that can be found on Amazon and it recounts her life from her personal point of view.


Answer by  isabelle (117)

A thorough biography is Dorothy Dandridge: A Biography by Donald Bogle. Published by Berkley Trade, 1999, the paperback has 589 pages and the hardback has 400 pages.


Answer by  born2bbad6972 (4)

I really don't think there are too many books out there that are any good when it comes to Dorothy Dandridge. She was a fine actress and was great during her time but she has been eclipsed buy todays culture and times.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

She wrote her autobiography with Earl Conrad called "Everything and Nothing: The Dorothy Dandridge Tragedy" which got four and a half stars on . Some of the readers rated it five-stars.

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