Question by  web46 (7)

Is there a difference between the voltage in tanning bed lights you can get from the hardware store and those you get from a tanning bed distributor?

I would like to replace my tanning bed acrylic with a regular acrylic is there a difference in what the tanning companies sell and say my local hardware company sells. For instance in the heat they can handle.


Answer by  Engineer (49)

No, there is not much of a difference because the voltage that the tanning beg lights from a hardwar store is the exact same as the voltage you would get at a tanning bed distributor, although you may notice that the machines that are used are or may be different.


Answer by  jessejesse (134)

The tanning bed distributor will more than likely have more powerful bulbs that a generic hardware store because that is their specialty. Hardware stores usually will carry an assortment of pieces at different levels but nothing to the extent a specialty shop will.

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