Question by  KAR0620x (21)

Is there a book or set of books that includes the complete works of Dickens?

My daughter wants it for Christmas.


Answer by  CharlieShield (42)

Yes, there have been many such editions. You can get paperback sets for approximately twenty dollars, or hardcover sets for somewhere between five hundred dollars and a few thousand, depending on how fancy. Also, because Dickens has been popular for so long and because his works are out of copyright, many antique sets are available as well as "e-reader" editions.


Answer by  isabelle (117)

Being a very popular author there are number of versions to choose from but, as this is a gift, a hardback would be good as the cover will keep the pages in better condition than a paperback. The Complete Works of Charles Dickens in 30 Volumes, illustrated, published by Cosimo Inc., 2009 would be suitable.


Answer by  Debby65 (57)

There are many versions of the complete works of Charles Dickens available. Check a local bookseller or search Amazon online for a copy and price that works for you!


Answer by  clausline (163)

There are various collections of Charles Dickens' works. I suggest checking amazon, as I personally know there are a few collections on that website that include fifty-one of his books.

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