Question by  ktrow (9)

Is there a book about the life of Buddy Holly?

I'd like to read a good bio about him.


Answer by  Joanna17 (12)

There are several actually. You could try "Buddy Holly: A Biography," by Ellis Amburn; "Buddy: The Story of Buddy Holly," by Anne Bustard; or "Rave On: The Biography of Buddy Holly," by Philip Norman.


Answer by  Paula84 (10)

Yes, there are many different books to choose from on the Amazon website. Alternatively, you could always check ebay, as you may be able to find a used one cheaper. Just type in 'Life of Buddy Holly' in the search box at the top of each site.


Answer by  Shiyad976 (5)

Yes there is a book about the life of Buddy holly. the name of the book is Early life . it contain full of his biography. He did so many other work about his like biography like The Crickets,Holly in New York,Death etc.He is a good Singer-songwriter, musician. He did his work neatly .

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