Question by  Priyaumashankargmailcom (11)

What are characteristics of a good biography?

I need to know what makes a biography a good one.


Answer by  malone (4817)

A good biography reads like great fiction: the story moves along at a rate that engages the reader. The style must be journalistic while being graceful. It's tricky business. Being "worthy of interest" has nothing to do with it. A poorly written bio of the most fascinating person goes unread.


Answer by  SMiller (79)

I think what makes a good biography is first writing about a person whose life is worthy of interest. If a person has outstanding accomplishments, has successfully overcome adversity, or has even been surrounded by scandal, he or she would be a subject that I would be interested in reading about.


Answer by  Anonymous

A Biography needs to be interesting. The whole book needs to be interesting. By the end of the book, the author should have been able to implant usefull information into another persons brain.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

A good biography comes from a source that does not lean one way or another on the subject. It should present several sides of a person, not just the good or just the bad.


Answer by  MelvinVanhorn (826)

It should be well written. This means it is interesting, covers most of the person's life, what shaped their minds, their experiences from childhood to adulthood, what jobs they've held, what they did with their life.


Answer by  Darlene (194)

References, references and more references. For a great book interview as many people you can about the person you are writing about.

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