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Question by  Cali2307 (1337)

Is the "Minder" TV series available on DVD?

The series ended in the mid-90s.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

Yes. There are several box sets out for each season. You may be able to buy the whole series in a boxed set as well. I found the box sets of each series to be available on e-bay and on amazon. You may also check with box stores such as best buy to see if they can get them.


Answer by  basil94 (6)

The "Minder" TV series is available on DVD, with five seasons released thus far; the first two were released in 2010 and the remaining three on 2011. Hence, one welcomes the possibility that the entirety of the series shall continue to be released in a very short span of time.


Answer by  Jibberling (55)

Yes it is available. It can be bought either as a compilation of the whole set of series or, for a lower price, as each series on a single DVD. You will find these easily by going to Amazon (UK) and searching for "Minder DVD" and choosing the one you want.


Answer by  kalimer0 (35)

Yes the complete Minder TV series is available on DVD, you can buy it at . Hoped I helped you out.

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