Question by  techgeek (98)

How can you determine if a designer purse is real?

I am afraid I have a fake purse.


Answer by  Abby57 (329)

If you purchased your handbag at a department store or a retail store, you can be sure it's real. If you got it really cheap, it's not well made or the metal decorations are tarnishing, you have a knock-off.


Answer by  kakoe (989)

Most authentic designer purses come with a card in an inside pocket, with the company's name and a phone number that you can call should your purse need repairs. This is standard at places like Prada and Dooney & Burke, and if your purse does not have one of these cards it is probably fake.


Answer by  Torrs13 (49)

The easiest way is to look for the style number, which can usually be found on the tag in the bag. If it's real, the number should match records with the designer company. Stitching is another thing to look for.


Answer by  stylechick (96)

Most knock off handbags feel cheap. The material is not soft as the real deal. If you have a monogrammed bad with a logo on it, make sure the logo lines up perfectly on all sides of the bag. Check the inside for a serial number too.


Answer by  SMS4415 (343)

Each brand is different- for Coach, it's how the Cs line up, and the C logo will be inside or outside, but not both. With Louis Vuitton, the purse or bag will be made from one solid piece of material.


Answer by  currentres (328)

Depending on the brand, you can tell by the fabric or leather and the stitching. Some designers also have certain markers (stickers) inside their bags.


Answer by  klarke1 (351)

It depends on the brand.You have to look at the MADE IN thing inside that bad to make sure its the rite thing. Also you have to look at material.


Answer by  jendg09 (85)

This varies a lot depending on the brand, since all brands are unique. You should check online for the specific brand/product.

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