Question by  Handydandy (26)

Is the Ab Lounger safe for teens to use?

My 15-year old daughter wants to start a workout plan.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

I find it somewhat troubling any teenager that young to be starting a workout plan. With that said, yes, the ab Lounger is safe for teens. The first thing you must do is talk with your child about why she wants to exercise. Then, set up a reasonable workout schedule and dietary plan for her.


Answer by  carguy12 (136)

Your daughter would be best doing some old fasion sit ups, crunches, hanging leg raises, and reverse crunches to build good core strength. I dont think young kids should rely on machines to assist a growing body, they need to build good core strength.


Answer by  JenniferM (5)

Teen girls should be given the same encouragement to build self confidence as young men who are active in physical activities. Exercise tones muscles and releases endorphins. Go for it!


Answer by  ctfrank30 (19)

I am not aware of your daughter's situation; however it seems safe for most purposes. You can however use a less expensive, but equally effective option by doing leg raises or crunches

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