Question by  junruh (39)

Is social security taxable?

Do you have to pay the government out of money the government pays you?


Answer by  jaljl25 (547)

No, it's not taxable. You only have to pay if you worked for it. But in this case I'm not really that sure. That is why you should consult an accountant.


Answer by  ranfinson (5)

It may be taxable based on how much money you make from other sources. It is likely not taxable if social security is your only income.


Answer by  HumptyDumpty (30)

Yes, income from all sources is taxable by the federal government. This includes social security payments, pensions received, and even unemployment benefits.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

As with many things related to the IRS, the answer is "It Depends." There are worksheets on the IRS website that can help you answer this question. Good Luck!


Answer by  BeefStrule (690)

It's not directly taxable but they do find ways to get some of it back. Talk to your accountant about it and see if there isn't a way you can avoid it.

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