Question by  worker8857 (12)

Do you have medicare deductions from your social security check?

I would like to know if medicare can make deductions from my social security check for disability.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

No. Usually, nothing will be taken out of a social security check. It is a government payout, which means they can't tax you on it. Medicare deductions are only made on payroll checks only. As long as you are working full or part time, with a regular income, you will have medicare and medicaide deductions automatically taken from your paycheck.


Answer by  chris96 (6)

This depends on the state as well as the assets you have. If your sole source of income is your disability check then in most cases medicare will not deduct from your check as it is part of the Welfare act passed 7 decades ago. This can change in states with their own form of state provided medical.


Answer by  andmen (6)

I don't, but I know that Medicare deductions are typically deducted from social security checks. So, to answer your question, Medicare certainly can make such deductions. This is evident by also asking that question into Google. The Social Security Administration has a very clear policy on this matter regarding Medicare.


Answer by  John (9008)

If you are eligible for medicare, the premiums are often deducted from Social Security benefits. This is still cheaper than private insurance would be. If your Social Security benefits are below a certain level, your state's medicaid program may pay these premiums for you.


Answer by  sakume (131)

Medicare does indeed deduct money from your Social Security checks, regardless if you receive SSI or SSD. The amount they deduct is variable on which "parts" you have under your coverage plan as well as how many years you waited to get medicare after being first accepted into social security.


Answer by  Manda (1103)

Yes, social security will deduct medicare premiums from your social security check, including part B, C and D (prescription meds).


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

All people working in the general employment system must pay Medicare. Religious workers and some non-profit employees can opt out of Medicare payments, but then cannot collect.

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