Question by  Purrlharbor (42)

Is Schaffer's Bridal a reputable business?

Should I get my gown from them?


Answer by  Lepi (314)

Yes, Schaffer's Bridal appears to be entirely reputable. Customers have many good things to say about the company in all areas (Alterations, delivery, price point).


Answer by  lgsukiyaki (19)

Get your gown from Schaffer's Bridal because aside from them being a reputable business of class and flare, they share information with you and explain why, and that proves they have nothing to hide. Also, they know very much about their business of helping make memorable weddings for about 60 years.


Answer by  cp31 (9)

I've never heard anything bad about Schaffer's Bridal. As far as I'm concerned this business is completely reputable and you can safely buy your gown from them


Answer by  Dianne1800 (4)

They've been in business for over 60 years, many companies don't last that long. You'll most likely always hear a negative story or two, but I'm sure they have far more satisfied customers than not. Overall, they have a good reputation. Congratulations on your engagement and enjoy shopping for your gown.

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