Question by  kasey1720 (169)

How do I choose an affordable bridal gown?

I have no idea where to start.


Answer by  currentres (328)

Start by searching out what type of gown you want. Then, go to a bridal shop to try on dresses and figure out what looks good on you. Then, you can start searching online for gently used bridal gowns for sale or shop around at bridal shops for the best price.


Answer by  Bmorebabe86 (14)

First thing SHOP AROUND, Go to different stores,try on dresses. My suggestion would be to take a pen and notebook to each store, write down all the dresses you try on and rate them from 1-10 and the price next to it . At the end of all the shopping,choose which you like best at the cheapest price!


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

when i was buying mine i look at all the 99.00 dress sale and a lot of place have discounted dresses and if this dont work you can look ing the papper of used dress and dress at a second hand store and a good will store this is a way to get a cheaper dress


Answer by  klarke1 (351)

Well firs set a price limit for yourself, but make sure its reasonable. Then shop around around at different bridal shops to see what they have for the price.

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