Question by  tbach0729 (30)

Is pyrokinesis real?


Answer by  ambersfrog (157)

There is no evidence to support the ability of a person to project fire from their mind or to simply think it to being.


Answer by  worker2328 (52)

At this current time pyrokinesis is not scientifically documented or believed so scientifically it is not real but through history there have been claims of people that can use pyrokinesis.


Answer by  Axion (4)

Ya. I read about her. Apparently when they baptized her to rid her of any evil spirits, the baptism notice on the Church door burned up.


Answer by  Anonymous

I need to talk to someone.. Its more than real. I burnt my house down when my parents were fighting. I need help. Everytime I have a nightmare I wakeup with my sheets burned where my hands were. Please help..

Reply by Axion (4):
What's scary is if you internalized it and managed to spontaneously combust. You might want to talk to a professor named Vernon M Neppe. Do a web search on him and cross reference it with temporal lobe epilepsy and ESP. Have you ever had a history of seizures?  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

its is real

posted by Anonymous
Yes it is real, we have one in the Philippines ... unfortunately poor child ... this is our news clip ... search kid in antique firestarter abs-cbnnews  add a comment
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