Question by  elsewhen (627)

Do you think car racing is a real sport?

some people say it really isn't a sport because there is very little physical activity (compared to football or hockey)


Answer by  andaman (240)

I dont know why people are interested in determining which activities constitute a sport and which do not. It is as if calling chess a sport is going to diminish your favorite sport because it is in the same category. Table tennis, synchronized swimming, diving - theyre all sports to me.


Answer by  LadySnapdragon (25)

The dictionary defines sport as a competitive physical activity with as set of rules. NASCAR style Car racing does have a set of rules that is set and enforced. Is it necessary for the person participating to compete only in a physical manner or may they be in physical control of an object. Since the Olympic committee considers luge a sport, then car racing should be considered a sport also.


Answer by  stphaniecostello (159)

Driving is an art and it takes great skill. If you don't believe me, just travel the I-5 during rush hour in southern California. Car racing is a real sport because it takes courage, skill and the ability to think ahead and react quickly in a potentially dangerous situation.


Answer by  dingo (12)

For success in car racing you need to have certain skill and be in good shape.Many people say this isn't sport. The people who think that car racing isn't sport should stop using word sports car. When i watch car racing i see helmets and sports equipment so it looks like sport to me.

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