Question by  lunachick29 (12)

Is oil-based paint only for art?

Or can you paint your house with it?


Answer by  williamspaint (12)

Oil-based paints or alkyds were used exclusively for indoor and outdoor house painting before the introduction of latex paints. Oil-based paints are believed by many to be more durable and have better leveling qualities. However, latex paints are much easier to clean up and are more environmentally friendly the oil-based paints.


Answer by  decomom (923)

Oil based paint can be used to paint a house. The key is that when using oil it needs to go over oil primer not a water based primer.


Answer by  nnlin (53)

The best kind of paint for houses is the ones in big tin cans. Oil-based is good for housing especially the outside because then it won't wash off with rainwater or make the color fade. It would be fine to paint your house with, as long as you buy paint for houses and not for art.

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