Question by  elsewhen (627)

Have you ever created any art that is hanging on the walls of your house?

if so, what kind of art is it?


Answer by  Anonymous

I bought 2 large stretched canvases from a craft store. My two daughters each got to choose 5 colors and paint their own "master piece" at the age of 2. They hang above my upstairs landing and are my most prized works of art in my home! Tons of compliments!


Answer by  daryatarawneh (56)

i think any artist would refuse to hang anything but his own except the ones his kids did:) it is wonderful to see your work hanging on the wall.


Answer by  Roxie (20)

Yes, I have art that I created hanging on the wall in my family room. There are two photos that I took in the summer of 2001 in Park County Colorado. The pictures are of thousand year-old Bristlecone Pine trees.


Answer by  Chrissie (266)

I do cross-stitch projects a lot because I travel on the train often and I find it's more relaxing than reading. I have a very nice cross-stitch picture of a lighthouse that I made on the wall above my bed. It took me about a year to complete.


Answer by  lotion33 (48)

Yes, of course, I'm really creative so I did my own oil painting to hang up in my house and I always get complements on them. It is cheaper than buying for a gallery and It is something that is in my taste as well.

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