Question by  Stephie (25)

Is my commemorative coin with all 39 presidents worth anything?

The coin is from 1981.


Answer by  mb (5482)

The problem with all "commemorative" coins is that they are not actually US money... usually they are minted in Liberia. They are worth their weight in precious metals only.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have 2 of the same coins in there own folder. My grandmother purchased these coins in 1981 from the littleton coin comp. its not worth much just a good conversation peice


Answer by  TMyers (1084)

This coin may be a fake as there were no commemorative coins issued in 1981 by the US mint and there have never been any coins featuring that many presidents at one time.

posted by Anonymous
Yes there was a coin produced called "President's Coin 1981 Commemorative", I have seen this sold for about 10 dollars. This was on Ebay so I do not know the actual value.  add a comment

Answer by  StarOne (941)

There are several sites online that can help you find the value of your coin. They have pictures of the coins to help you correctly identify yours.

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