Question by  JaY7014 (19)

Can I have a list of the presidents that are on coins with what coin they are on?

Starting with the penny, nickle, dime then quarter, which president is on each coin.


Answer by  cubbykatz (293)

The penny features 16th President Abraham Lincoln, the nickel features 3rd President Thomas Jefferson, the dime features 32nd President Franklin D. Roosevelt, quarter features 1st president George Washington, the half-dollar features 35th president John F. Kennedy. The dollar coin primarily features non-president Sacagawea, but additionally has a presidential series.


Answer by  labgirl (333)

As of 2010, Abraham Lincoln appears on the obverse of the penny. Thomas Jefferson appears on the nickel. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is on the head of the dime. George Washington appears on the quarter.


Answer by  GeorgeH (179)

Among current US coins, the ones with Presidents on them are the penny (Abraham Lincoln, since 1909), then the nickel (Thomas Jefferson, since 1938), the dime (Franklin Roosevelt, since 1946), the quarter (George Washington, since 1932), and the half dollar (John F. Kennedy, since 1964). Indeed, these are the only Presidents ever to appear on regular coins.


Answer by  foodie213 (301)

The penny features Abraham Lincoln and the Lincoln Memorial, the nickel is Thomas Jefferson with Monticello, the dime is Franklin Delano Roosevelt with an olive branch, oak branch, and torch, and the quarter is George Washington with the American bald eagle. There is also a 50 cent piece featuring John F. Kennedy and the presidential seal.

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