Question by  HitFactory (17)

Is Mt. Shasta Ski Park a good family trip?


Answer by  shannyg (13)

Mt. Shasta Ski Park is a great family trip. Lift passes are specially priced for children by age and there is a family pass available. In addition, Mt. Shasta Ski Park offers ski lessons for the entire family. Families can rent skiing or snowboarding equipment directly from the park and there are four family friendly restaurants on the property.


Answer by  kak (488)

If you are an outdoor ski family, then Mt.Shasta Ski Park is a great family trip. Take your camera because the scenery is breathtaking. There are lessons for kids. There is plenty of food available for every age to enjoy. Make sure you review their website so you can have everything you need to take to the park.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

Overall, yes. They have kiddie hills and ski instruction. The park is small though so don't expect a large selection of varying degrees of difficulty in terms of ski runs


Answer by  Amierz (46)

Yes, staying at Mount Shasta is a great fun filled trip for the family. The view is amazing and if you are a family that loves the outdoors it will be the perfect vacation spot!


Answer by  Flavia (102)

Yes I had a great time with my family, just be sure to explain the rules to all the younger members of the family in case anyone has any problems.

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