Question by  Ken31 (54)

What is the proper technique for fitting snow skis?

My whole family is going skiing soon.


Answer by  Elsa (13)

To make sure snow skis fit, it's important to make sure the boots fit first. The boots should be easy enough to slip on without pinching your feet. As for the skis themselves, size them according to your personal height and also to your experience as a skier. Plus, whether they are downhill or cross country makes a difference, too.


Answer by  Jenny25 (939)

Well the best technique is to get them fitted by a professional, because this depends on the style and type you will need for your skill level.


Answer by  zactanic (5)

As an amateur skier, that is to say I just began skiing about a month ago, I was advised by many people that I should get longer skis than normal. So at six foot tall, I found a pair sized at 165 (which is 165 centimeters) that work perfectly for me. Hope that helps.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Snow skis are fitted just as if you were fitting a new pair of boots. The boot should have a small amount of give but remain snug.

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