Question by  atushipatel (9)

Is LVNV a factoring company?

I see LVNV on my credit report.


Answer by  malone (4817)

LVNV is a collections company that acquires charged-off accounts (mostly) from retailers, then farms out the actually collections to other firms. The practices of LVNV have been the object of more than one lawsuit, which you can research online.


Answer by  patti (29325)

LVNV is a collection agency. Uncollected debt can be charged off and sold to third party collectors. LVNV has come under fire for reporting these acquired accounts as new tradelines instead of collection accounts. This activity is considered racketeering and should be reported to the Attorney General in the state where the debtor lives.


Answer by  Daigle83 (66)

LVNV is a debt collecting agency. They normally target past due retail accounts. Prior to providing any payment to them, ask for a record confirming your debt is still owned. They are required to provide this if you ask.

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