Question by  RadioWisconsin (41)

Is it wrong for my in-laws to not attend any of their grandchildren's birthdays?

Basically, they just sent a card with money.


Answer by  loes (87)

It depends on how far they live away, and what the birthday traditions in that family are. My in-laws come to birthdays uninvited, because they live closeby and birthdays are important in their family. My family lives farther away and we don't care for birthdays so they don't come. You should ask you spouse about the traditions in their family.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

I'm sure it's a let down to you and the kids. If they are states away it's reasonable, but if they live by it's more sad than wrong.


Answer by  diane23 (1167)

If they live nearby and are in reasonable health, they should at least come sometimes. The children will remember that they were not around, they should keep that in mind.


Answer by  ahhmericanwoman (102)

Very few things are as simple as yes or no. Other factors must be considered. How far away do they live? How many grandchildren do they have? Do they have any health issues? There may be circumstances why they don't attend that you are not aware of.

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