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Question by  trodgers (20)

Is it safe to do weightlifting every day?


Answer by  John (9008)

Weightlifting can be done every day if you do it the right way. Muscles need time to heal, and constantly repeating the same routine every day will cause injury. You can, however, vary your lifting routine to focus on different muscle groups every day. This is both safe and very effective.


Answer by  varex (330)

It is not safe to do weightlifting everyday. The science behind weightlifting is desconstruction of the muscles fibers in order to force them to work harder and become stronger when the reform again. By weightlifting everyday, you do not allow those microfibers to heal, consequently impacting your recovery time and risk of injury.


Answer by  Tammy (585)

Most experts recommend varying your routine to prevent injury. It is safe for an adult to do weightlifting everyday, but if you feel pain, stop immediately to rest.


Answer by  Anonymous

All answers incomplete -hence misleading. Start 50%-1rm. One-set. As-many muscles... Do-it for 5-6days; listen to-body. Rest 1day a-week. Dont rush to-increase intensity. Try Upper-Lower-Split. Workouts-A-and-B. or abc. Google High-Frequency-Training. Dont-go to-Failure. 10-12 reps. I assume one knows how to lift SAFELY. Good luck.


Answer by  Parvinderkaur (84)

No,our body is not a machine which do not need rest. it is not safe to do weightlifting every day. you must shoul take rest minimum after 6 days

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