Question by  rjprecording (56)

Is it safe to deworm a pregnant cat?

I know my pregnant cat has worms.


Answer by  peggypoi (86)

No, because a typical deworming medication is poisonous and therefore could have a bad effect on the kittens. The way most deworming medications work is that they release poison into the cats digestive system thus killing the worms infesting the cat. This poison could also reach the kittens since the kittens eat everything that the cat ingests.


Answer by  marcia (228)

Some deworming products are safe to use in a pregnant cat up to two weeks before birth. These products should say this in their product description. Mother cats transmit their worms to babies in womb and through their milk, so the kittens should be treated on their own as well.


Answer by  worker7186 (198)

With some medications it is ok to deworm your cat when she is pregnant. One such medication is pyrantel, it is also ok to use this medication when you cat is nursing her kittens as well. In any case you should always check with your vet first.


Answer by  mmn (369)

It is best to wait until she gives birth. Then it is advised to have her dewormed every 2-3 weeks. Pyrantel pomoate (Strongid) is a good, safe dewormer.


Answer by  RyRy (120)

Some deworming medications are safe to use with pregnant cats for up to 2 weeks prior to her giving birth. Make sure to double check with your vet office to make sure it is indeed safe to give to your feline.


Answer by  aussiegirl (711)

as with human pregnancy's most medications should be avoided, if worried, speak to a vet or wait until she queens then you can worm her, and the kittens as well.

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