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Question by  rmt (38)

Is it safe to combine wellbutrin and effexor?

I was recently give a rx for wellburtin and am already taking effexor, I have heard that it is not safe to take the two at the same time.


Answer by  patti (29325)

It is not uncommon to combine a low dose of Wellbutrin with another SSRI. As long as the prescribimg physician is aware of both medications, there is no problem.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

Unless you are under the care of a licensed physician, you should not be combining two antidepressant medications. If you believe that you require both, you should visit your doctor to have the dosage of one of the medications properly titrated to what your body requires. Often, one medication may not work where another that is similar, will.


Answer by  Mrscmrn (1449)

Effexor and wellbutrin can be taken concurrently. Physicians may add a second medication to help the first medication work better. Symptoms may be reduced significantly with the addition of Wellbutrin.

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