Question by  Tim (16)

How should I go about fixing a sticky dresser drawer?


Answer by  roxiee (98)

Ordinary candle wax works wonders on drawers that are difficult to open. Be sure to use only white candles for this procedure. Remove the drawer then vigorously rub the candle along the bottom edges of the drawer and the runners attached to the furniture. This procedure should eliminate the problem.

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What do you do if you can't open the drawer?  add a comment

Answer by  teacher44 (80)

If you mean sticky as in 'there is something sticky inside the drawer' then just get a damp rag and wipe it out. If you mean sticky as in 'it won't slide open and closed easily' then you might try rubbing wherever the drawer rubs against the dresser with soap. It worked for me.


Answer by  DouglasEarlClore (1236)

Determine where the drawer is sticking, then examine if it's the drawer or the dresser causing binding. If it's the drawer, use a plane to shave of enough wood to allow it to slide smoothly. If it's the dresser, use a small wood chisel. Ordinary bar soap applied to the area is a good final step.


Answer by  lmath629 (402)

If the dresser drawer is made of wood the sticking is probably caused either by accumulated layers of paint or by wood that has swollen over time. In either case, the problem can be solved by removing the drawer and sanding down the upper edges enough to eliminate the sticking problem.

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