Question by  misteann (109)

Is it possible to find red baseball pants?

I can only find white and stripes.


Answer by  Zanne (45)

Baseball pants aren't always boring white or drab grey. They don't have to exhibit colored pinstripes or side stripes. American Team Uniforms is just one online store that sells baseball pants in solid vibrant colors. There are several other suppliers of team uniforms that welcome custom orders and will gladly provide the solid color of your choice. Ready for red?


Answer by  jamie11 (604)

Yes, you can find red baseball pants. They are not common, but they do make them. Best place to look is on the internet. Roverplusnine carrys solids.


Answer by  Azeroth (11)

Check out eBay for good deals on baseball pants, or open Google in your web browser, click on the "Shopping" link, and type "red baseball pants" into the search box. You should find a large variety of items that will fit your needs and budget.


Answer by  Gregory06 (16)

Baseball pants mainly come in standard white and maybe grey. While it is hard to find them, it may be easy to produce red baseball pants by throwing them in the wash with a few solid red shirts. Using this method, you will have red baseball pants in no time. Or at least pink pants.

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