Question by  NicoleT (23)

Is it possible that one piercing infection to result in the entire ear being infected?


Answer by  TarilltheMad (78)

It is possible for your ear to become infected from a single piercing. Your body reacts to infections the same way wherever or however it started and can spread.


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

It is definitely possible. Depending on what part of the ear, and what kind of infection, the entire ear could become infected, along with the surrounding skin. This is most likely to happen soon after the piercing is done, rather than after it has healed, but all infections require prompt attention.


Answer by  jenae567 (35)

In some extreme cases, yes. The ear, though broken down into many parts, is essentially one whole unit. If infection due to piercing occurs and is left untreated, it can cause damage to other parts of the ear. Due to the small size of ears and the individual parts' proximities, it is possible for infection to spread to other parts.


Answer by  Sett (1838)

Yes, what happens it that the piercing infection can spread through out the ear and eventually end up producing more wax and in the long run it will give you more ear problems. The best thing to do for a piercing infection is to take out the piercing and clean the infection with peroxide, keep it clean and dry.


Answer by  obbey (98)

Definitely. My sisters ear was infected after just one piercing and it was a mess... I think she did it at a friends house... Always get pierced by a well known, well recommended person that knows what they are doing!


Answer by  JumboCow (217)

Yes its possible. If bacteria get into the piercing they will begin to take hold and cause an infection and inflammation around the piercing. From there however there is a possibility that the infection will spread to other parts of the ear if it is not kept clean and treated with the appropriate antibiotics.


Answer by  Caitylee2003 (11)

I Believe it is, even though I don't know from experience. If the infection is worse than the average infection then anything is possible.

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