Question by  BottleGuru (21)

Is it okay to wear multiple pieces in denim, or should that be avoided?

Denim never really matches.


Answer by  wj (646)

Avoid pairing pieces that are too similar. For a contemporary look, try a bleached denim waistcoat over a rock t-shirt with jeans in black or a bright colour e. g. red.


Answer by  Judith87 (79)

It depends on your intention. Usually pieces of denim, characterized by different colours and textures, can't be wear together. But if you like very casual, grungy clothes, you can find the way to harmonize a blue jeans jacket with a little blue gipsy skirt or to combine a black denim dress with a grey denim waistcoat.


Answer by  christinajo (155)

In most cases, you want to avoid wearing multiple pieces of denim. Wearing a top and bottom in matching washes of denim gives the appearance of the dreaded "denim tuxedo". Nobody wants that. Exceptions would be wearing a printed dress, denim jacket then dyed denim boots.


Answer by  Rosengurtle (147)

Yes, it is okay. The best way to wear two pieces of denim is to pair a light denim and a dark denim. Don't ever try to match denim pieces.

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